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Family Promise is a cooperative effort that addresses the needs of homeless families by utilizing resources within local congregations and the community. Families in our program receive a full complement of resources and training as they work towards their own independence and self-sufficiency.


More than 150 individuals benefit from our work per year thanks to the generous support of the Lee County community. We rely on our dedicated and talented volunteers, individual supporters, congregations, businesses, foundations, and  government funders to make our mission a reality.



The U.S. Conference of Mayors 2010 Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness cited unemployment as the #1 cause of homelessness. Family Promise of Lee County is a local program for homeless families with a strong and comprehensive program focused on obtaining and retaining employment.


Residents, staff and trained volunteers work together to:

  •   Develop job search, workplace and retention skills

  •   Provide workplace internships to practice skills learned in the classroom

  •   Provide individualized job search support

  •   Assist individuals in successfully transitioning into the workplace

  •   Provide support for individuals to keep their jobs in the first year after program completion



Life Skills:

Staff members work with families to develop and improve life skills that are important for a family in successfully moving to self-sufficiency.



For many homeless families, their difficulty with budgeting is a significant contributing factor leading to their homelessness. As a result, throughout their residency and even after they return to the community, families can participate in ongoing programming about their own budgeting. Families prepare an individualized budget, can attend financial literacy classes, and meet regularly with the case manager to be sure they are on track and living within their prepared budgets.


Housing Search:

We work with families to:

  •    Find safe, affordable housing  

  •    Obtain furniture and appliances


School Transportation:

Family Promise along with the guidelines of the McKinney Veto Act, transports children to and from the school they attended before becoming homeless. This avoids school transfers while in emergency housing, and provides academic and social stability during the crisis of homelessness.


Welcome Home Furnishings:

Volunteers collect and deliver gently used furnishings to families in their new homes, allowing them to save many of the costs generally associated with setting up an apartment.



Community Based Services:

Designed to support formerly homeless families for up to a year after they have returned to the community    


Community based services include:

  •   Home-based case management to address needs and assist families in accessing resources

  •   Ongoing employment and housing support to assist families in dealing with issues and problems that may aris

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